2024 Speaker

Dr. Ray Guarendi

Clinical Psychologist, Author, and National Radio and Television Host

Dr. Ray Guarendi, a clinical psychologist, author, and national radio and television host, has delivered more than 3,000 talks on topics ranging from parenting, marriage, and family to the Catholic faith. He captivates audiences with his compelling humor-laced presentations providing practical advice and proven techniques.

“Dr. Ray” is the host of “The Dr. Is In,” which is heard on more than 440 radio stations and SiriusXM® channel 130. His EWTN television series, “Living Right With Dr. Ray,” is aired in 140 countries.

A clinical psychologist for 40+ years, Dr. Ray has a wide variety of experience working with parents, families, educators, substance abuse programs, in-patient psychiatric centers, juvenile courts, and private practice. As a practicing Catholic, Dr. Ray’s in-depth experience has led to his discovery that the so-called “experts” are undermining parental authority and preventing parents from following their God-given instincts to raise their kids for Heaven. This guiding principle led him to write his first best-selling book, “You’re A Better Parent Than You Think.” His other books include “Good Discipline, Great Teens,” “Back to the Family, Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime,” Winning the Discipline Debates,” “Adoption” and “Fighting Mad.”

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