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Chad Pirotte

Chad Pirotte

Chad was an ordained Presbyterian pastor and ministered to a congregation in Chicago for 10 years. During his pastorate, he gained a deep respect and admiration for the Catholic church, particularly in their understanding of Justification, Ecclesiology, and Ethics. After the death of his first wife, being a single father with two daughters 3 and under, he relocated back to his Kansas roots. Chad felt called to investigate the Catholic faith more thoroughly, which ultimately led to his conversion on Easter, 2014. Chad is extremely excited to be working with School of Faithhelping to build a culture of evangelism and discipleship throughout the country.

He is passionate about training Catholics to continue to grow in their faith through daily prayer and discipleship and loves teaching theology to laypeople. Chad married Carrie, an incredibly tenacious, beautiful, and gifted woman, and together they’re raising their young army.

Holy Family School of Faith

You can find free and paid courses Chad and others teach at Holy Family School of Faith along with a lot of other great material

2017 Men Under Construction

You can download the audio file of the talk Chad gave at the 2017 Men Under Construction Conference with the button below or listen to it with the YouTube video below. There is also a second video of a talk Chad gave on why conversion to Catholicism is Logical which has been viewed almost 150,000 times.

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